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Construction Logistics UK and Ireland

Construction logistics experts, specialising in the movement of pre-formed concrete, pre-formed steel, timber assemblies, building products and heavy plant and equipment.

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We have a team of experts who specialise in moving construction materials throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.


With a deep understanding of the products, the handling requirements, and the construction process, we can ensure that the right materials are delivered to the construction site on schedule, and in perfect condition.

Brick Construction
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Flatbed Trailer

Our transport engineers can quickly establish the most suitable transport equipment for your materials.


Our standard flatbeds are used to transport regular sized items such as pre-formed steel, concrete or timber assemblies.

If you have indivisible overlength items, such as concrete beams or steel structures, we can use our extendable flatbed trailers.

Or if the items you need moving are more complex or tricky to handle, we have specialist trailers that are designed to support your products with no risk of movement or damage during transportation.

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We also have huge experience transporting  construction machinery and plant equipment in Ireland and the UK.

Whether that’s heavy plant, diggers, excavators or site equipment, we have the right vehicles and trained drivers to safely transport your equipment from site to site.

We are well trusted in the industry, to the extent that we also manage the imports of plant and ancillary equipment (buckets and attachments) into the UK.

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Customs Clearance

If you need to move construction materials or equipment between Ireland and the UK, our team of customs experts will manage all of your documentation requirements for speedy transit across the Irish Sea.

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We support the green economy, providing specialist transport for wind turbines and blades.

A lot of the items moved are well beyond the normal dimensions allowed on the roads. Our experts use vehicles specially designed to carry oversize items, and work closely with the authorities to minimise disruption to the road network.

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Contact Us

For an informal discussion with our friendly and knowledgeable pallet distribution team about how we can support your business needs, please contact us using this form. We’ll reply within 30 minutes, during our operating hours, to chat through.

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